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Apple Drop-off/Swap for Juice

26 Sep – 31 Oct 2021


Grazed Knee Cider Cave

Cave 6
Ventnor Industrial Estate
Old Station Road
PO38 1DX


Cycle there (external link)

This event has now finished

Apple Drop-off/Swap for Juice


Dropoff apples

Got too many apples? How about trading them for some pressed and pasteurized apple juice? Trade all those spare, unwanted apples, that would otherwise go to waste, for juice. Dessert apples, eaters, crab apples, and cider apples. Hand picked or windfalls. Any and all ripe and unrotten apples. Please – no rotten or badly bruised. If you wouldn’t eat it, please compost it instead.

Bring your apples to us at the craft cider cave in the Ventnor Industrial Estate on Sundays starting September 19, 2021. We will be there from 12 to 4pm and we will give you pressed and pasteurized apple juice in trade for your apples which we will then press and use to make our 2023 cider. Yes it takes that long, but wow is it worth the wait!

Important: Trees seem to be dropping their unripe apples a bit early this year, probably because of the lousy Spring and the wet Summer. So make sure before you bring them, check that the apples are ripe by cutting a few open to see if the pips are brown. If they aren’t, be patient, wait a week or two and try again. Remember, the riper they are, the sweeter they are – and the better juice they will make.

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