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Magnify Your Radiance New Year Retreat

1 Jan – 31 Dec 2021


This event has now finished

Magnify Your Radiance New Year Retreat


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The Magnify Your Radiance Retreat is the space to ignite your power, awaken your dreams & desires, and weave the golden threads together, to bring your intentions into radiant being A most auspicious time for intention setting & sewing the seeds of dreams into reality is when we tip from one year into the next. Throughout the Magnify Your Radiance Retreat you will journey through carefully selected practices that will stoke the embers of your fire, breathe life into your desires & ignite your radiant self into dance along your future path of prosperity & success.

Through a divine cocktail of gentle yoga stretches, dance, meditations, breathwork, celestial communications, ceremony, Qoya and soulful intention setting, you will evolve past fear and into Love.

Join Kate Taylor & Carol Macartney for two full retreat-style days of wellbeing, love-bombing and general gorgeousness and celebrate your radiant life!

FRIDAY 31 DECEMBER Reflection & Release Harvesting the lessons and the blessings of the past year, you will be lovingly guided through a day of reflection & gratitude. The powerful practices offered on this day will leave you with feelings of openness & softness with receptivity to gratitude & love. An incredible sense of self-acceptance as you say goodbye to 2021.

SATURDAY 1 JANUARY Awaken & Activate In the space of receptivity created by the first day, you will be powerfully guided through various practices which will activate your true potential and assist you in opening to your birthright of prosperity and abundance. In this enhanced state of awareness, your radiant light can literally light up the world ✨

Both days will run from around 10am through to 5pm, and a delicious lunch and refreshments will be provided