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Glimmer, Glitch & Chaos

1 – 30 Jun


This event has now finished

Glimmer, Glitch & Chaos


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Dominique Leoni is a mixed media artist, predominantly producing works on paper, often combining painting and drawing with collaged elements. Her work is a meditative exploration of the interrelationships between spontaneous, incidental and considered mark making, with an intention to invoke contemplation in the viewer. Abstract connection of layers and various elements is a concept she returns to, often hinting at oscillating, vibratory or directional movement with shifting layers, grids and linework.

'Glimmer and Glitch' is a series of works which are part of an ongoing broader theme where Dominique constructs compositions using torn paper and tape to create spontaneous, softly floating or falling elements, each with a differing sense of direction and gravity. The works play with positive and negative space, using interwoven linework to give the impression of a glimmering textile as a connective backdrop for the suspended torn shapes. The diverse colours and metallic finishes in the line work subtly alter the colour and tone of each piece, as the viewing angle changes.

'Cosmic Chaos 1,2' echo the drifting elements seen in the Glimmer and Glitch series. Dominique has painted both works in gouache, contrasting a matt velvet quality with the frenetic application of reflective Florentine gold liquid leaf. These works embody the solace Dominique feels in a state of organised chaos, creating a balance between the ordered, considered, spontaneous and incidental.

24 hour accessible window viewing.

Artwork sales via Aspire during regular opening Monday to Sunday 10am-4pm.