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Foundation Course: Instant Transformation with Mikael Saflund

10 – 11 Feb 2018


Lisle Combe

Undercliff Drive
St Lawrence
PO38 1UW

This event has now finished

Foundation Course: Instant Transformation with Mikael Saflund

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Instant transformation

Saturday and Sunday 9am-4pm

Foundation Course in Instant Transformation

Welcome to a unique paradigm shifting foundation course in the art of Instant Transformation. Is it possible to shift reality with an instant? Can we affect matter? This course welcomes people who are searching for new ways that bring faster results in shifting reality. People ready to pioneer and explore new territories of consciousness, reality, manifestation, and technologies for change. People who love to see others become potent creators. People who love progress. People who like the idea of taking miracles for granted and being catalysts for them and at the same time base themselves in facts and solid science rather than mysticism, dogmas & rituals. People who are ready to explore the power of consciousness as a constant reality.

“I promise you miracles because science actually says so”

The course offers theory with relevant research in the areas of Quantum Physics and consciousness mixed with a lot of practical work applying immediate transformation. -You will become aware of how human limitations are illusions. -You will learn technologies that you already carry within in you. -You will learn all the relevant steps to perform a triangulation and focused observation. -You will also learn a lot of other tools which all hold the key to instant transformation. -You will receive and give instant transformation on physical, mental and emotional conditions. You will also learn how to use it on yourself and on a distance. -You will probably be pleasantly surprised, astounded and maybe a little challenged over this information. Everything taught is based on valid research, which since the beginning of 1900s shows how Quantum Physics and consciousness are potent factors in shifting and creating our reality. -“You will be reminded of things that you have always known – just forgotten. It is a course full of laughter, brilliant learnings and your life will take on a completely new direction.

IMPORTANT This corse contains information wich can shift your reallity within your physical, emotioinal and mental state of beeing and in other areas of yours and others life in seconds.

The information you will learn in this course is not instead of recieving professional medical care if you or someone else experience decease or need medical care. Always look foor professional medical care if needed!

PRICE: 200 € REPEAT COURSE 100 € Velcome (com) Conscious Tehnologies AB Stockholm Sweden mail: [email protected]

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