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Steve Miles

2 – 31 May 2023


This event has now finished

Steve Miles


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Award Winning Artist and National Acrylic Painters' Association Member Steve Miles has an abstract mature language of painting, which combined with a highly expressive and gestural style is influenced by his years as a graffiti street artist and graphic designer.

Steve spent decades painting his Graffiti ‘Toxic363’ works that were large scale and angular letterform murals before deciding to make the transition from wall to canvas. Creating works that would normally be several feet high to much smaller canvases proved trickier than he had first realised, and it became necessary to experiment and adapt his painting technique. Steve says:

‘I became aware of the need to free myself from what I knew and to train myself to look and paint in a different more abstract and fluid way. I began experimenting by moving my hand and creating the gestural movements needed to mark and capture the same emotions and style that can be found when I am painting a larger piece of graffiti.

Once this technique started to feel more natural, I was able to simplify the movements and create patterns and shapes onto canvas that felt right, and most importantly, captured the essence of my years spent painting large Graffiti Works on walls.’

1-31 May 2023 – Free & accessible daily viewing

All work is for sale – Aspire shop opens Mon-Sat between 10-12.30 & 1.30-4pm