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Half Term Family Event: Board Games from Around the World

Friday 2210.30amFebruary


This event has now finished

Half Term Family Event: Board Games from Around the World



Parents/carers are welcome to bring their children and play board games from all around the world, some hundreds of years old, including games from Korea, Nepal and Ancient Egypt. There will be classics such as Othello, Chinese Chequers and Draughts. There will also be games you may remember from the 1970s/1980s such as Stay Alive, Space Faces, Mastermind, Downfall and Rubik’s Race. There will be dozens of different games to play.

You or your children don’t need to know the rules as we will explain them to you. We are experienced at teaching children and adults how to play these games. Our aim is to run an event which is fun, friendly and informal.

The cost is £3.50 per family. By family, we mean one or two parents/carers, plus however many of your own children you wish to bring. Parents/carers must stay with the children throughout the event: this is not a “drop off and return later” event. The games are suitable for children aged 5+.