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Astronomy Presentation Free

Friday 28 7.30pmJuly


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Astronomy Presentation Free


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Stephen Tonkin - 'Pseudoastronomy: Planet X, Zetans, and lost Civilisations

Did the ancient Sumerians describe a planet that will destroy Earth? Did the ancients have foreknowledge of astronomical phenomena that was otherwise unknown until after the development of the telescope? Can astronomy be used to explain the locations of ancient pyramids and temples? Was there an advanced ancient master-race that was wiped out by a comet in 12,500 BCE? Did the ancient civilisations we know about arise out of nowhere, taught by visitors from Atlantis or other planets?

The clear answer to all these is a resounding "No!" yet the myths persist.

The Vectis Astronomical Society meets on the 4th Friday of every month, except for December. This event is open for non-members to attend. The speakers come from all over the country and give a presentation for around 45 mins. We then stop for a break with tea and biscuits, which gives an opportunity to mingle and chat.

The second half of the evening sees a presentation by one of our regular members showing us what to we could see in the sky over the coming month. This always involves some great pictures projected onto the large screen.

At the end of the evening, if the skies are clear, the telescopes will be out for observing.

Entry to the event is free of charge, although as we run as a charity, donations are always welcome.

Newsletters are available at the entrance for a suggested donation of £2.50

Please see our website for contact and membership details.