ARCHIVE: This event has now finished Out of the Shadows:Casting New Light on Julia Margaret Cameron

14 October 2017 - 31 December 2017


  • Sat 14 Oct at 10.00AM
  • Mon 16 Oct at 10.00AM
  • Tue 17 Oct at 10.00AM
  • Thu 19 Oct at 10.00AM
  • Fri 20 Oct at 10.00AM
  • Sat 21 Oct at 10.00AM
  • Sun 22 Oct at 10.00AM
  • Wed 25 Oct at 10.00AM
  • Thu 26 Oct at 10.00AM
  • Fri 27 Oct at 10.00AM
  • Sat 28 Oct at 10.00AM
  • Sun 29 Oct at 10.00AM
  • Wed 1 Nov at 10.00AM
  • Thu 2 Nov at 10.00AM
  • Fri 3 Nov at 10.00AM
  • Sat 4 Nov at 10.00AM
  • Sun 5 Nov at 10.00AM
  • Wed 8 Nov at 10.00AM
  • Thu 9 Nov at 10.00AM
  • Fri 10 Nov at 10.00AM
  • Sat 11 Nov at 10.00AM
  • Sun 12 Nov at 10.00AM
  • Wed 15 Nov at 10.00AM
  • Thu 16 Nov at 10.00AM
  • Fri 17 Nov at 10.00AM
  • Sat 18 Nov at 10.00AM
  • Sun 19 Nov at 10.00AM
  • Wed 22 Nov at 10.00AM
  • Thu 23 Nov at 10.00AM
  • Fri 24 Nov at 10.00AM
  • Sat 25 Nov at 10.00AM
  • Sun 26 Nov at 10.00AM
  • Wed 29 Nov at 10.00AM
  • Thu 30 Nov at 10.00AM
  • Fri 1 Dec at 10.00AM
  • Sat 2 Dec at 10.00AM
  • Sun 3 Dec at 10.00AM
  • Tue 5 Dec at 10.00AM
  • Thu 7 Dec at 10.00AM
  • Fri 8 Dec at 10.00AM
  • Sat 9 Dec at 10.00AM
  • Sun 10 Dec at 10.00AM
  • Tue 12 Dec at 10.00AM
  • Thu 14 Dec at 10.00AM
  • Fri 15 Dec at 10.00AM
  • Sat 16 Dec at 10.00AM
  • Sun 17 Dec at 10.00AM
  • Tue 19 Dec at 10.00AM
  • Wed 20 Dec at 10.00AM
  • Thu 21 Dec at 10.00AM
  • Fri 22 Dec at 10.00AM
  • Sat 23 Dec at 10.00AM
  • Sun 24 Dec at 10.00AM
  • Tue 26 Dec at 10.00AM
  • Thu 28 Dec at 10.00AM
  • Fri 29 Dec at 10.00AM
  • Sat 30 Dec at 10.00AM
  • Sun 31 Dec at 10.00AM
Dimbola Museums and Galleries

Box office: 01983 756 814

More information (external link)

Terrace Lane
Freshwater Bay
PO40 9QE


This exhibition of contemporary craft, poetry, dance, film and photography responds to the life, work and legacy of pioneering Victorian photographer Julia Margaret Cameron and her circle.

Known as the ‘Freshwater Circle’, Julia hosted a salon of eminent artists, writers, thinkers and scientists at Dimbola. QuayCrafts is an artist-led group, living and working on the Isle of Wight, working in a wide range of media to challenge the boundaries of contemporary craft. The group have invited poets, musicians, dancers and other artists to join them in creating a festival of the arts exploring the themes, pre-occupations and surroundings of Julia and her friends.

This exhibition forms the centrepiece of a project which has sought to foster an atmosphere of artistic experimentation in keeping with the spirit of Julia and the aspirations of Dimbola today, to create a vibrant centre for the arts. A programme of opportunities for schools and community organisations has brought new audiences and participants to the festival. ‘Out of the Shadows’ has created connections between artists working in a range of different disciplines, leading to new collaborations, partnerships and possibilities.

The exhibition runs until 31st December, please visit our website for opening times. A programme of special events runs throughout the autumn including workshops, talks & performances look out for these events advertised on here or visit for listings and full details.

Please note our opening times are Wednesday-Sunday 10am-4pm for October & then 10am-3pm for November & December. Hours will vary over Christmas.

Exhibition finishes on the 31st December.


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