Events On The Wight


Events On The Wight is only possible due to the following, amazing, software and services.

Events On The Wight is a Ruby On Rails application that uses
the following plugins:

  • Restful Authenitcation
  • Will Paginate
  • Shoulda
  • Permalink Fu
  • Calendar Helper
  • HTML Output
  • Attachment Fu
  • Atom Feed Helper


Our favourite Javascript Library

The first version of Live Brum (a forerunner to this site) was helped enormously in the run up to launch by Open Advantage in general and Ant Ramm in particular. Ant did and incredible job taking my slightly-dodgy, novice Rails code and polished it up into something to be proud of.

Blueprint CSS framwork

Superb CSS framework, the basis of all styles on this website


Like everyone else on the planet we are using Mark's Silk Icons in a few places

We use Microformats for Events and Venues