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Welcome to Events OnTheWight. We provide a listings for events across the Isle of Wight. Find events by genre, venue, date or keyword search. We are editorially independent from all venues, organisations, bands, & promoters except where explicitly stated otherwise.

Harmonising event data across the Isle of Wight

Send us your event information More than just a website, we accept data in any format (web, email, flyers, word of mouth, postcard, pigeon, etc) and then publish it in a range of standard formats to suit how you want to use the information.

Feeds everywhere

Subscribe to feeds for today’s events (refreshes daily) or to events on a particular day. Subscribe to events at a particular venue or events in a particular genre. If this sounds sort of interesting but the whole concept of ‘feeds’ has passed you by then sit tight, we’ll be explaining how to make good use of them in future blog posts.


Microformats are embedded sitewide.

iCal downloads

Each event includes a calendar file you can use to automatically add the information your calendar.

Send to a friend

Send an email to a friend with a link to any event.

Book online

If there’s a way to book tickets online then we’ll link to it. If not, we’ll let you know the easiest ways to buy tickets.

Venues and promoters

If you haven’t already then please get in touch so we can ensure your information is absolutely correct.


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None of this would be possible without the genius and extreme generosity of Josh Hart for creating such a fab thing. Islander Garth Oatley has also done some Sterling work tweaking Josh's work. Thank You!


Events On The Wight is not responsible for the accuracy of any information on this site. We do our best to ensure that information is correct and up-to-date but things often change at late notice so please confirm the details with the appropriate venue. Full Disclaimer here