ARCHIVE: This event has now finished Homer’s Illiad & Odessey the Trojan War and the Isle of Wight

12November 6.30PM FREE


  • Tue 12 Nov at 6.30PM
George Street Centre

Box office: (01983) 812774

George Street
PO33 2JF


Homer’s Illiad & Odessey the Trojan War and the Isle of Wight

Homer’s classics tell the story of The Trojan War. The greatest war of the ancient world.

This war lasted 10 years, the fields ran red with blood, and 100,000s perished.

A war fought between the Trojans led by King Priam, and the Archaean’s led by the mighty King Agamemnon, over the kidnapping of Queen Helen wife of Agamemnon’s brother Menelaus, by Paris son of King Priam.

Troy stood at Hissarlik in Turkey.

“But, what if, the accepted story of the greatest war of the ancient world - is Wrong !!! And if it is, what might this have to do with the Isle of Wight? History is a puzzle. Why not come along, consider the material being presented, and come to your own conclusions."

Tuesday November 12th 6.30pm – 8pm presented by Mike Lambert FRSA


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