ARCHIVE: This event has now finished IslandCoHousing information evening

9October 2019 5.30PM FREE


Monkton Arts and Lounge Coffee Bar

More information (external link)

11 East St
PO33 1JP



Would you like to know your neighbours better? Would you like to let the children play outside in a green space that is safe? Would you like to have someone to look out for you if something unexpected happens? Would you like to share the gardening, or an occasional meal, with others?

If you have answered yes to those questions, then it is possible that cohousing may be for you. A newly formed group, called Island CoHousing, are planning to create a cohousing neighbourhood with people who want to share some aspects of their lives whilst retaining individual private living spaces.

The group are having an information evening for anybody who would like to find out more about cohousing, possibly with a view to joining the group.


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