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27September 2019 7.30PM FREE


The Observatory

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Watery Lane
PO36 OLX (is the closest postcode)


What have black holes ever done for us? - David Williamson

Summary: Why and how do supermassive black holes have such a big effect on the universe? Even though every big galaxy seems to have one (and maybe small galaxies too!), each one is typically less than 0.1% of the total mass of the galaxy in stars. Despite this, supermassive black holes can outshine an entire galaxy as an “active galactic nucleus", and we can see their effects on a cosmological scale.

In this talk, I will give an overview of the current understanding of supermassive black holes and active galactic nuclei, and highlight some new exciting discoveries, as well as research currently ongoing at the University of Southampton.

The Vectis Astronomical Society meets on the 4th Friday of every month, except for December. This event is open for non-members to attend. The speakers come from all over the country and give a presentation for around 45 mins. We then stop for a break with tea and biscuits, which gives an opportunity to mingle and chat. The second half of the evening one of our regular members will give a short 20min ‘what’s in the sky this month’ presentation.

We have a suggested donation of £2.50 for Non Members of Vas.


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