ARCHIVE: This event has now finished Presentation: Instant Transformation with Mikael Saflund

7February 2018 6.00PM FREE


  • Wed 7 Feb at 6.00PM
Lisle Combe

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Undercliff Drive
St Lawrence
PO38 1UW


For the first time Isle of Wight England

Astound yourself

Do you know that you can transform everything in your life in a matter of seconds? Learn how it is possible to shift any kind of physical, mental or emotional issue instantly - with tangible results.

Attend Mikael Saflund’s unique & profoundly transformational presentation in: Ventnor Lisle Combe Undercliff DriveSt Lawrence Isle of Wight :

You will:
Learn to transform a physical, emotional or mental issue in seconds into non existence
Learn about the findings in science and research, which reveal an entirely different reality than you have been taught to believe in. This information reveals how reality actually forms and works - and your role in that manifestation
Get to know that reality is run by consciousness - and how this has been verified and proven scientifically beyond doubt
Learn that you affect matter just by observing it Perform your first Instant Transformation on someone else before you walk away from this presentation.

This presentation is for those who desire radical change and empowerment…

Your concepts of reality will get challenged. The dogma and paradigm within which we all live will be severely exposed, even if you are familiar with consciousness and transformational practices.

The new research within quantum physics and consciousness has paved way for technologies that are inherent within each and everyone of us, and that seem to belong in a sci fi movie.

Sounds like we are promising too much?

Yes - we know…but hundreds upon hundreds have already experienced it throughout Sweden, Italy, Ireland, Norway and Denmark. This presentation most often gets sold out fast.

Mikael Säflund is a pioneer in applied inner quantum technology, consciousness and transformation. He presents the practice and theories in a very hands on, straightforward and unique way.

You will discover that you are more potent than you have been led to believe.

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